The multisensory-motor unity of speech

Understanding how speech unites the sensory and motor streams, And how speech units emerge from perceptuo-motor interactions


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Transfer of sensorimotor learning reveals phoneme representations in preliterate children
Tiphaine Caudrelier, Lucie Ménard, Pascal Perrier, Jean-Luc Schwartz, Silvain Gerber, Camille Vidou, Amélie Rochet-Capellan
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Modeling sensory preference in speech motor planning: a Bayesian modeling framework
Jean-François Patri, Julien Diard, Pascal Perrier
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Combining spectral and temporal modification techniques for speech intelligibility enhancement
Martin Cooke, Vincent Aubanel, María Luisa García Lecumberri
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organized by J.L. Schwartz, A.L. Giraud, A. Rochet-Capellan & P. Perrier University of Geneva, Biotech Campus January 30th, February 1st, 2018   It is now widely...
Workshop Published on 08/12/2017
Context The Speech Unit(e)s project is focused on the speech unification process associating the auditory, visual and motor streams in the human brain, in an interdisciplinary...
Published on 19/01/2015
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